Statement Of Purpose

The research business associations in the Americas share:

  1. a common interest in promoting ethical and quality standards in research;
  2. a common interest in fostering educational opportunities and career development in research businesses;
  3. a common interest in ensuring a credible and positive image of the research industry that is distinct from direct marketing, sales, and advertising; and
  4. a common interest in advancing research business among and across the Americas.

Accordingly, the research business associations in the Americas have established the Americas Research Industry Alliance (ARIA) to support (1) the growth of the Americas' research industry, (2) client and public confidence in market, opinion, and social research; and (3) continued industry self-regulation.

Membership in ARIA shall be open to the national associations representing research businesses in all countries in North, Central, and South America. Participation in ARIA shall strengthen each member association on a national level and the Americas' research industry as a whole, and shall not impede any ARIA member association from continuing to represent the interests of its own members and to fulfill its stated mission.