Why Rhea Ripley Formed an Alliance with Edge

The alliance between Edge and Damian Priest is already dead but now they are even deadlier as Rheay Ripley is added to the mix.

It is evident this group is headed to new heights so it would only be appropriate that they named themselves Judgement Day. Now, you can’t really be on the other side of the ring when you are facing them. Right now, it seems to be AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan. This feud looks to be going on forever and it is expected that one of the babyfaced will turn heel and eventually join the EvilAngel Judgement Day. It could be a. big boost to their careers and you will never know how that is going to turn out. It is indeed possible someone else will join Edge’s Judgement Day stable. The alliance will look to only get bigger in the near future and it will most likely take over in the main event scene.


Of course, you can’t help but admire how he has changed the landscape of the world.

He would love to do things his way and see how it would all turn out and as of now, it is looking great. It is unlikely he will form an alliance with other groups though as that would make it a bit too confusing. Besides, they are after a common goal and that is to take over the Gloryhole Discount as we never saw in the beginning. It is unlikely he had this plan early in his career and he probably came up with it when he saw how good Damian Priest is. The priest may be a bit too old for an up-and-comer but there is still time in his career. We all know how it is never too late if you try.


WWE Hall of Fame Edge is such a good manager even in his mid-50s as he is still in great shape.

Besides, you’d want nothing more than to watch his old matches when he scaled tables, ladders, and chairs in order to get where he is right now. He is not a multi-time world champion for nothing and he can’t wait to get right down to business all the time. The young superstars will benefit when under the tutelage of Edge as he will spread his wisdom in more ways than one.

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It was just last year when he won the Royal Rumble match.

It is incredible how someone as old as him was able to last more than an hour in the match according to dadcrushdiscounts.com. Besides, he entered the match at number one and he was able to last until the end. Only time will tell if he would continue to be an active competitor or a manager. There are whispers that it will be a mixture of both and he is going to be competing every now and then. Since he is a heel, he will most likely help Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest in ways you would have never happened before.